Mountain Laurel & Songs from the Past

Violet, Mountain Laurel

Music and Lyrics by Serapha
Vocals by Laurina

Her name was Violet, a child so meek
Always hungry and very weak
She'd spend her days begging for food
Many would slam the door, so rude
One day she cried out in great despair
Lord, I'm dying, can you hear me up there?
Days turned to months, months to years
Her eyes so red from all the tears
Then one day a spirit appeared
He said, I can help, do not fear
He dropped a charm into Violet's hand
And then he quickly turned to sand
The charm would bring much luck and wealth
And Violet soon reclaimed her health
What a vision of beauty to behold
When Queen Violet sat on her throne


Violet (Coronation Mix)

Violet (Surrendering Sea Mix)

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