On a brisk and windy fall day....

One day as I watched my young nephew play with his toys, he did something curious. He stopped for a moment and closed his eyes. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that sometimes when he closes his eyes, he can see where toys are that he's lost. This was very interesting to me, as I had experienced something similar once.

Many years ago I would lose my cat, only a few weeks after adopting him. I instantly knew he was the cat I wanted to adopt. His nose was pressed against his cage and his big, green eyes were opened wide as he looked up at me. As soon as the cage door opened he came directly to me, even though I'd come with several people. It was as if he knew it was my decision. He was friendlier than ever and seemed to act more like a puppy than a kitten. But the shelter informed me he was sick, and they were about to put him down.

I went through with the adoption because something told me he would be just fine. After only a few days, though, he became very ill. I took him to the vet who gave me nothing but bad news. He was too sick, I should put him down, he'd never live a healthy life and would constantly relapse. I was discouraged to hear all this, but then the thought again-- he would be just fine, AND live a long and happy life. So I decided to hospitalize him.

Once he was home he was recovering well, so well in fact, he decided to escape and was now lost outside somewhere. I knew he wouldn't live long without his medication and the temperatures outside were quickly dropping. He was still far too weak to survive outdoors for very long. I began calling for him, but stopped. He'd never hear me and I'd never hear him. It was much too windy outside.

There was a howling wind that day, kicking up the last of autumn's fallen leaves. Just as I was beginning to feel the hope fade, a strange thought-- just concentrate, you can find him. I was desperate to find him, so I decided to try it. Where was my little cat? The answer seemed to come just as a big gust of wind fell over me. Suddenly, I knew where my little cat was. Then another thought-- go quickly, he's very weak! I rushed to free him from the outbuilding he had become locked in on a neighboring property. He was very weak, but otherwise fine. His meow was so faint I could only hear it when I got a few inches from the door.

He would be just fine in the upcoming weeks, months, and years...AND live a long, healthy, and happy life.

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