Mountain Laurel Song List: Songs from the Past

The Horseman
Music by Serapha, Vocals by Laurina

Just Another Day
Music by guest guitarist Emmel Jay, Vocals by Laurina

Tea at the Palace
Music by Serapha

The Music Box
Music by Serapha

Bird of Paradise
Music by Serapha, Vocals by Laurina

White Winter Snow
Music by Serapha

Where the Heroes Lie (9/11 Tribute)
Music by Serapha

About the song Where the Heroes Lie (911 Tribute)
The song was written by Serapha shortly after the 9/11 attacks and returning from New York City. My three sisters and I had visited just a few days before. My birthday and my oldest sister's birthday were both approaching. Mine being in the beginning of September and her's in the middle, we decided it would be fun to spend a few days somewhere in between this time in New York. When Serapha heard us talking about it she agreed to go, but said she wanted to stay away from the World Trade Center Towers because she said she had a "bad feeling". So we agreed.

Throughout the trip Serapha would remind us several times about her "bad feeling" and made sure we stayed away from the area. We spent a few days there as planned and had a good time, but when it came time to leave I was suddenly filled with a very strong feeling as we were driving out of the city. As it pushed its way to the front of all my thoughts, I had to catch my breath for a moment as it passed over me. Although I will sometimes get feelings about things, none had ever been this strong. I remember turning back and looking at the tall buildings as we were driving out. Something was directing my attention to them. I felt as though they were suddenly looming over me like giant monsters. I felt very claustrophobic and wanted to get as far away from them as possible. I was confused by this, as it had been a fun trip, but all of a sudden I wanted to get out of the city and as quickly as I could.

Years have passed, but I still clearly recall watching the tall buildings get smaller and smaller as we drove off (almost as if I were reassuring myself) and feeling tremendously relieved once we were out.

The morning after we arrived home and a day or two before 9/11, two of my sisters said they'd had a nightmare. Serapha told us she saw the walls, floors, and ceilings inside of a building bleeding. It was an awful sight. My younger sister, Teresa, said she too had a nightmare. She said she dreamt a plane, crashed in an open field.

Release Date: Spring 2016

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